Who we are

“PAPAGIANNIS TRAVEL”, trading as Papagiannis Travel is a business providing general tourism services. We exclusively provide services for transporting and moving individuals or groups of people inside and outside of Greece, as well as every other service that is directly or indirectly related to the tourism and transportation of persons.

More specifically, the business is predominantly active in the road transportation sector, by undertaking on its own behalf or on behalf of other tourist offices to move and transport tourists to and from airports, ports, border stations, train stations and intercity bus stations, and also between points within and outside Greece. We furthermore undertake the transportation of students to and from schools, employees to and from workplaces, etc.

Our long-term experience and excellent infrastructure, both in terms of transportation vehicles as well as the human resources that are employed as drivers or guides, guarantee the quality of the services provided and have elevated the company into one of the leaders in the land transportation sector.

The company wants to ensure the most comfortable and safest trip for its customers and has procured the latest model special luxury tourist buses that are equipped with functions and equipment providing safety, comfort and luxury on the trip.

As a part of the excursion trips inside and outside of Greece, we have combined comfortable travel with other tourist services (tours, overnight stays at hotels, etc.), which are always adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer and are intended to provide quality services at the lowest possible cost.