High quality services

High quality services


PAPAGIANNIS TRAVEL observes the special health protocols for the operation of tourist enterprises operate within the context of taking measures against the COVID-19 virus, as well as the relevant guidelines by the EODY

Our Drivers

Knowledge & skills

We carefully select them for the knowledge and skills that are required in their work, and we systematically train them in order that they may respond to their role. They are honest and act in accordance with the aspirations and values of our firm, they are our people.

Our Goal

Powerful name

PAPAGIANNIS TRAVEL has built a powerful name over more than three decades with a wide range of experience in the tour operator sector. The principles that we rely upon are impartiality, justice, honesty, integrity and trust.

Our Fleet

Safety of the traveller

Our firm attributes special importance to its buses. We place a great deal of emphasis upon the desired cleanliness and beautiful appearance. We meticulously check all the points of safety for travellers with daily actions.

Excursion Suggestions

Travel to the most beautiful corners in Greece, discovering the unique proposals for excursions with the guarantee of Papagiannis Travel.

Our Services

Luxury bus rentals

Provision of services with privately owned taxis

Club trips

School excursion transportation

Domestic and foreign excursions

Ticket issues

Transporting personnel to companies and factories *with buses or taxis

School excursion transportation